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“Acceptance & Giving”

Where was this photo taken?
“Department of education, Marlborough Street.”

What does this photo mean to you?
“Close up, the hand seems to be of a male.  His nails are straight cut across the top, a woman’s might have more of a shape to them.  The sculpture has no title  I searched nearby!  You therefore, are left to decide yourself.  So it is a mystery and/or puzzle.

The hand is open – it is accepting and facing the sky, what the universe can deliver.  Mix of modern building and classical are behind the hand.”

What do you like best about this photo?
“It is so big it conjures up the title MAGNANIMUS, ‘Magna’ might be from the Latin root meaning ‘Great Magna Carta’.”

Ramblin’ Rose


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This photograph was taken by someone either currently or recently experiencing homelessness as part of the ‘In Sight’ project.

Taken with a disposable camera this image reflects an ‘In Sight’ into their daily life and experience of homelessness.
Each print is A3 (16 x 12 inches) and printed on premium matt photo paper.

Proceeds from print sales will go directly to the Simon Community Dublin.  By buying this picture you are helping to combat homelessness in Ireland.

Disclaimer – Colours may vary from what you see on screen as each monitor/device is different.

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