Lorina Weekes (Lorina P.T.L*) November 23, 2014 – Posted in: Our Photographers

“My name is Lorina and I come from India.  I used to work for Sky TV and one day an Irish customer called to close his Sky account.  He expressed his desire to visit India.  He shared his story about a motorbike accident he had and that he was in a coma for 5 months and in a wheelchair for 2 years.  Thus he came down to get Indian treatment to improve his disability.

We got married.  When he returned to Ireland, his siblings had put his family home for sale.  Simon Communities helped him find a house.  I came over and moved in with my husband.  We applied to 20 different voluntary organisations, one of them replied and offered us an apartment.

I enjoyed taking part in the ‘In Sight’ project for I learnt some tricks of street photography.

Life is full of promises and hope. My goal is to grab any opportunity that comes my way. To keep dreaming and to be happy with what God has given me. We live only once so we need to make the most of it. Learning from the past and making a better future for our lives. Trusting the Lord always for without him we are nothing.

*PTL (Praise The Lord)

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